Travis started his journey into martial arts beginning in grade school with karate, moved to kung fu in college and has only recently started delving into jeet kune do and Filipino martial arts. In his mind, martial arts have an extremely important place in a balanced human society. Like many others, becoming a husband and father means finding time for him to personally balance mind, body and spirit is harder than ever. He hopes Fighting Measure can help others like him easily connect with the people and resources they need to continue to better their own lives through martial arts.

Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm: Why Skilled Strikers Will Still Dominate in UFC

Outclassed. This is the one-word general consensus here at FM regarding last night’s Rousey vs. Holm title fight. Losing her title in two rounds to Holly Holm after a pummeling she has never before experienced, ┬áRonda Rousey was simply outclassed. It’s easy to pick apart strategy the morning after, but it was clear after three…