Fitness for fighting

I had a training session with my boxing instructor covering basic combinations coupled with defense drills.  After 30 minutes of continuous mitt work, I began to feel fatigued and slowed my pace.  My movements were no longer “explosive” and crisp.  Maybe my fatigue was being caused by overtraining but I could feel that my physical conditioning needed some work.  On the drive home I thought about fitness for fighting and what resources were out there on the web.  I want to share these two websites with you that I enjoy looking through when I need a boost in my fitness training.  Enjoy!

A great site for functional strength training is  Ross Enamait is a former boxer turned conditioning coach and his site is filled with tips and techniques to build a “fighters” frame.  Any martial artist can use his functional strength and conditioning techniques to build explosive power and tremendous conditioning.

Now to Crossfit.  While I have not done Crossfit in a Crossfit certified gym, I like to check  out their site for Workouts of the Day (WOD) which I could do on my own.  Several people in my department are Crossfit addicts and they believe it to be the best functional fitness program out there.  I am not going to lie, Crossfit might not be for everyone. Even though the sessions are short they will surely kick your ass and the techniques must first be mastered to prevent injury.  Check tthe Crossfit website for some great training videos and some inspirational people.

If  you live in San Diego and want an intro to Crossfit check out The Stronghold gym in Point Loma.   They offer free Crossfit classes every Saturday at 10:00am.

If you have any similar websites that you use please send us a link.  That is it for now, more to follow…

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