UFC 117 Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen

Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen

Will Chael Sonnen have the recipe to beat Anderson Silva?  The talk is all over and it is time to back it all up.  Here we go…

Sonnen comes out and looks ready, this is the most quiet he has been.  The Spider comes out to mixed adoration in his BJJ Gi.  I hope to see the best Anderson Silva to date. Steven Seagal is on scene for support!

Round 1

Chael goes in with a kick. He’s standing with the Spider.  Chael rocks Anderson with an uppercut.  Sonnen has got the Champ in trouble early! Holy smokes Anderson is letting Chael hit him with ones and twos.  Chael is in top control with Anderson looking listless and hurt.  The Republican is in control of this fight half way through the round.  Anderson is taking shots from the top.  Chael is engulfing the Spider solid ground and pound. Silva is taking some heavy shots.  Anderson  is back in full guard and is taking more shots from the  standing Sonnen.  Chael is in Anderson’s full guard at thirty seconds and is control until the bell.

Round 2

Good leg kick from Anderson that almost takes Chael down.  Anderson on the bottom trying land elbows.  Chael is leaving where he left off and controlling Anderson.  Chael landing clapping hits on Anderson’s head, this is the brawl Chael wanted.  Chael staying where he is most comfortable which is in Anderson’s guard.  Anderson looks like he’s biding his time but he’s taking shots on the bottom.  Chael’s face is feeling the elbows and is swelling but he’s getting some solid shots to Anderson’s head.  This has become Chael’s ground war and Anderson, while never out of the game, is taking a beating.  Thirty seconds left with Anderson almost pulling off a Kimura from the bottom. Chael is winning this so far.

Round 3

Anderson connects with a jab but Sonnen does not go down.  Chael gets a desperate take down and Anderson is trying another Kimura from the bottom.  The ground war continues. Sonnen’s ground and pound is wearing on the Champ but he continues to defend well.  Two minutes left in the round and Chael continues his top dominance.  Is Anderson just playing possum or is Chael slowly imposing his will?   The round ends with Chael on top and winning the round.

Round 4comes

Anderson looks like the more tired fighter but he comes out firing.  Chael chooses to stand with Anderson and almost gets knocked out.  Sonnen is on the bottom for the first time but  comes back to gain top position.  Chael Sonnen is a bulldog!  Three minutes left and Sonnen is again taking top position and keeping Anderson on his back. The ground and pound continues to work on Anderson and he seems to have no answer to Chael.  Anderson is getting some elbows in bloodying Chael’s  face but Sonnen continues with his game plan.  Chael is cut badly but he might be the next Champion.

Round 5

Anderson is amped up but slips to the ground.  Chael takes advantage and jumps on Anderson.  Chael Sonnen is pulling off an upset as Anderson Silva cannot get off  his back.  The ground and pound continues into the half way point of the final round.  Sonnen continues to be busy in top position and eats elbows from Anderson.  Anderson gets Sonnen in a triangle and Sonnen seems to tap.  Anderson Silva is the MAN!

Anderson Silva wins via submission. Now Anderson Silva can tell everyone to shut up! -CD

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