UFC 117 Roy Nelson vs. Junior dos Santos

UFC 117 Fight Time…

Roy Nelson vs. Junior dos Santos

Big Country Roy Nelson looks relaxed coming into the Octagon. He is one fat dude but we all know how lethal Big Country can be.  Junior dos Santos comes out to the Rocky theme and looks scary focused.  Four inch reach advantage for dos Santos.  Here we go…

Round 1:

Dos Santos is taking advantage of his reach keeping Nelson at bay.  Nelson pushes dos Santos on the fence.  Nelson eats a knee for his efforts. Nelson gets hurt with a right hand by dos Santos. Cigano connects with uppercuts and hooks.  Unchecked uppercuts are destroying Nelson.  Knees to the head unanswered by Nelson.  Big Country can take punishment!  Cigano is picking Nelson apart with his boxing skills.  30 seconds left in the first with dos Santos connecting and Big Country moving forward.

Round 2

Big Country is breathing hard and dos Santos looks relaxed.  Dos Santos’ knees and punches keeping Big Country on the outside.  Take downs are non existant and you have to wonder if Nelson’s time is up.  Dos Santos is still connecting with stiff jabs.  Dos Santos has incredible take down defense with Nelson doing his best to take the fight to the ground.  Both fighters look tired with dos Santos connecting with single uppercuts.  Big Country is looking for the one shot knockout. Final take down attempt by Nelson failed.

Round 3.

Big Country is still in the game.  Dos Santos using his jabs and kicks to keep Neslon away.  Big Country is taking dos Santo’s boxing arsenal but is proving his heart.  Cigano gets a take down but it goes straight back up.  Nelson continues eating fists but continues to fight.  Cigano is doing a great job of mixing up his attacks with kicks, punches and knees.  Roy Nelson is on the defense and is just trying to make it to the bell.  He’s looking to still drop the hammer on dos Santos.  Awesome heart showed by Big Country but dos Santos wins the day.

Junior dos Santos wins by unanimous decision.

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