Anderson Silva Master of the Fighting Measure

Anderson “The Spider” Silva is one of the most feared strikers in MMA.  He is a master of the “Fighting Measure” and is perhaps only matched by one other fighter, Loyto Machida, in the use of timing and distance.  The Spider’s destructive performance against Forest Griffin (MMA’s Rocky Balboa) at UFC 101 was a perfect showcase of Anderson Silva’s mastery.

Being a fan of Silva’s style,  I was excited to know that he was coming out with an instructional series covering boxing, striking, combos, clinch, and takedown defense. The MMA Ultimate Instructional Set featuring Anderson Silva is going to be a must have for any martial arts collection.  The first in the series is Boxing for MMA with the other titles coming soon.

Anderson Silva's Boxing for MMA

Anderson Silva's Boxing for MMA Produced by Brian Rule

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