Boxing is for everyone

In my opinion, Western Boxing is one of the best fighting arts to learn and should be part of anyone’s martial arts library. In terms of learning, there are a few basic strikes (jab, cross, hooks, and uppercuts) and simple body positions that can be taught and practiced easily. This, of course, is an oversimplification of boxing. The “Sweet Science” is a beautiful combat sport that becomes complex in the amateur and pro levels…boxing truly is a science.

As for the average Joe or Jane, boxing fundamentals will improve quality of life. Take a few boxing classes and rest assured your conditioning will improve. In terms of self defense and mental confidence, boxing is a sure fire way to improve in those areas also. For safety personnel I believe that functional boxing techniques and exercises is a must and should be practiced as a training/exercise regiment. Now go get some basic boxing instructions on YouTube or at your local boxing gym!

Here are some videos on boxing in the real world.

Boxing for LEOs.

Boxing and multiple attackers.

Happy Training

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