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Child Predator Social Experiment by Coby Persin

Several weeks ago, I posted on The Easiest Way to Improve Your Self Defense Skills.  The post was about being aware of your surroundings despite the distracting technology that we use daily. I know the majority of martial arts practitioners are very aware of their own environment through training and purposeful thought.  Now let us take this awareness and expand it to our loved ones.  A friend shared with me the following Youtube video from Coby Persin on the dangers of social media. Please take the time and watch it in its entirety.


As a father of two girls, I was disturbed by this social experiment because it showed how easily a predator can take advantage of our children using social media.   It was sad to think that these girls could have ended up being victims  because they trusted too much or were unaware of the danger signs. Now, I don’t know the background of the parents involved with this extreme social experiment, but the video opened my eyes and made me evaluate how to balance the good and bad of social media when it comes to my kids.  How do you stop this kind of behavior when social media is no longer a trend but a way of life for this generation?

What on your mind after watching the video?


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