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Martial Arts Training On A Budget

Martial Arts Training On A Budget

I’ve searched for ways to budget my time and money when it comes to martial arts.  Monthly memberships, seminar registrations, equipment costs, and purchasing martial arts media can take a toll on your pocket book.  I would love to have the resources to travel to the Philippines for Escrima training on a regular basis, but I also have to buy my growing eight year old son a new pair of shoes every week. So what are some ways we can save money on our martial arts journey?

Join a “backyard” group.

Membership to schools and training centers can cost you some coin.  The average cost of a traditional school or your local MMA gym can cost you well over $100.00 dollars per month and that’s a conservative estimate. How about finding a backyard dojo?

I personally love training in the garage or in someone’s backyard, to me, it brings me back to the basics. Many martial arts teachers prefer to teach out of their homes but finding these backyard opportunities is tricky and requires some investigation as these sessions can be by invite only.


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Another way to keep training on a budget is to use online meeting groups such as You can find like-minded folks in your city and get together for some informal training sessions.  Not only does your pocket book benefit, but your social calendar will become filled with new friends.

Need equipment? Make it yourself.

Sparring gear, exercise equipment, punching bags, I could go on and on about the cost of these items when purchased new. With the use of the inter-webs and some time and effort, you can create your own gear! Go on Youtube and type in “homemade martial arts”, it’s amazing what you can find.  Let other budget minded martial artists show you creative and innovative ways to supplement your training without busting your piggy bank.

Use social media.

Don’t want to put your hard earned Benjamins towards that new Silat DVD set?  Save your money and use every social media sites such as Youtube, Vimeo, and Daily Motion. You can practically find every martial arts style on these sites. I could spend hours, to my wife’s dismay, looking up everything martial arts! My best recommendation, however,  is to follow and read our blog posts over and over.

I’ve only touched on a few practical aspects of martial arts training on a budget, but I hope these ideas will get you out there and training.  Please share some of the ways you budget for your martial arts lifestyle.


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