Filipino Martial Arts

DTL: Guro Dan Inosanto

Dream Training List: Dan Inosanto.  I was lucky enough to have met Guro Inosanto at a Train With The Legends Seminar several years ago.  He was numero uno on my DTL and I look forward to attending future seminars at the Inosanto Academy located in Marina Del Rey.  I recommend to anyone to please take time off of your busy schedules and attend one of his seminars or visit his academy because you will not be disappointed.  Check out this footage of MMA Legend Anderson Silva training with Guro Inosanto.


Roy Harris JKD Intercepting

To many, Roy Harris needs no introduction. This following clip is Sifu Harris explaining JKD Intercepting at The Harris Academy in San Diego. Sifu Harris explains… In this video clip, I am demonstrating a high level concept in Jeet Kune Do called, “Intercepting.” When a person intercepts, they do the following: 1. Establish a firm,…

Jeet Kune Do in San Diego- Harris International Academy

Interested in training in Jeet Kune Do? Unless you’re part of a group that trains out of the garage, like the old days of JKD, it might be a little bit harder to find a JKD school in San Diego County. When I started to look for a JKD school everyone I talked to referred…